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Original Watercolors

  1. Recent Paintings are priced $20 per square inch.

  2. Paintings which are featured in Dombek’s 2014 and 2016 books are 25% higher. Paintings featured on the front and back covers are 50% higher.

  3. Prices include framing.

  4. Paintings that are 20 years old and older are $40 per square inch.

  5. Paintings, in which only a few are available from a series, are priced individually.

  6. A 25% surcharge is added for commissioned paintings.

  7. Deliveries are subject to charges.

  8. Credit Card use requires an additional 3% charge.

Art Glass

     Dombek glass is currently $21 per square inch.


     Prices upon request.

Giclee Prints

     1.  Limited edition, signed and numbered prints are $1.20 per square inch.  They are printed on archival                       watercolor paper.  Prints can be ordered in any proportional size from 20 by 20 inches up to 60 by 60                     inches.

     2.  Print prices do not include framing.

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